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A Morning in Washington

So just dropped off Laura at work. It’s a bitter cold morning. I was to lazy to put pants on and made the fatal mistake of staying in shorts. So with my heater lacking car I am now paying the price. As I write this I am periodically stopping and looking for enforcers of the law. The “no texting and talking while driving” still applies in the great evergreen state of Washington. I’m on my way to breakfast with a man whom I have grown to admire respect and now call friend. The youth pastor of our little Calvary Creekside, Mr. Matt Washkow. God has been good to me and continues to surprise me with blessing upon blessing and even in the fire there is always a priceless treasure amongst the ashes. As I watch the sun rising I cannot but yet again marvel at how such Majesty could love a wretch like me. Thank you for the cross my God, King, and Friend.